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These are wonderful. Absolutely fantastic. Design Director, Southern Poverty Law Center

Stacey is a uniquely talented photographer. Not only does she have a brilliant eye and fantastic technical skills, she also has a way of putting you at ease and bringing out your personality and the feel of the moment. That is the hallmark of a good photographer--and something that cannot be taught. She is so personable that you almost forget that you are being photographed. A wonderful find!

You rule!!! Was looking over the photos and what can I say. Fabulous? Not sure that's strong enough. Love the photos and love your style of shooting. Thank you so much. It's amazing how well you captured the moment and the feel of the event and yet were there for so short a period of time. Genius.

Stacey photographed me and several colleagues for professional headshots. Stacey was wonderful to work and very professional -- the shoot was fun and went very smoothly. Everyone was thrilled with results, which were easy to review. I highly recommend Stacey for any of your photography needs.

I needed a decent looking photo to adorn my professional website, and Stacey was recommended to me. I almost backed out, thinking this was an unnecessary splurge--but I'm so glad I didn't! I don't typically photograph well, but Stacey really made me look great. She took her time, and really made me feel more relaxed at getting photographed. Even got a few shots of me laughing. I liked so many of the photos that I still haven't decided which one to use for the website. Stacey was skilled, professional--and fun to work with!

Some times you find a photographer you can't stand who produces amazing images; and the nicest, most accessible photographer can lack product. Stacey has an amazing product delivered with heart and professionalism. A pleasure to do business with, and a great human being. Michael T.